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14 Marketing Ideas For Pool Builders

14 Marketing Ideas For Pool Builders

If you want to get more customers for your pool business there are only 3 ways to do it; 

  1. Get more traffic
  2. Convert traffic to leads at a higher rate
  3. Convert leads to customers at a higher rate

In this post, we are going to look at various strategies to do the first 2. The 3rd is the subject of an entirely different post. But let’s move on. 

How to get more Traffic

There are thousands of ways you can get more traffic to your website or at the very least more eyeballs on your business and brand. You’ve probably heard a lot of them too like networking groups, posting on social media and getting SEO. We’re going to cover some new digital and non-digital ways you can get more traffic now both on and offline. 

1. Smart Use of PPC Advertising

You’ve probably heard of all of Facebook’s targeting options, being able to target people with certain interests, around life events like birthdays or those who are parents vs nonparents. While those I’ve listed are not very effective for pool builders a more effective PPC advertising target would be local homeowners. Targeting specifically to homeowners laser focuses your messaging to only the people who have a reasonable chance of becoming a lead. Focused targeting and clear messaging ensure your ads reach the right audience, leading to better ROI.

2. Facebook Advertising Range

We know that Facebook’s detailed targeting options allow you to reach specific demographics relevant to your pool services. But don’t look past different ad formats, such as video and carousel ads, using as many of these as possible can enhance engagement and likelihood of a click. Each ad format shows in a different place on Facebook and it’s a poorly kept secret that Facebook prefers video and story ads. Using as many of Facebook’s ad types will improve your chance of attracting more clicks on your ads by meeting clients at the right time in the right format.


3. Perfect Your Google Business Profile

An up-to-date Google Business Profile is essential for local visibility. Accurate business details and high-quality photos can significantly enhance your online presence. According to Google, businesses with complete profiles are twice as likely to earn customer trust. You can lean on a combination of that and local SEO to improve both your Google Maps listing and your website.

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4. Seasonal Marketing Mastery

Effective seasonal marketing ensures your services remain in demand throughout the year. Tailoring promotions for different times of the year, such as offering maintenance services in the winter and installation services in the summer, can keep your business active year-round. Studies indicate that businesses engaging in seasonal marketing see more consistent revenue streams. 

As Pool Pro mag has come to describe it the cyclical marketing for pool builders is best broken up into 4 categories that reflect the 4 seasons. 

Spring is attract mode. Pool owners start thinking about installing again in spring and the savvy pool builder is ready with ads, their pool website SEO set up and ready for those initial research searches. Getting a jump on your marketing before that first 70-degree day comes can put you well ahead of the curve.

No matter where you are, Summer is chaos mode. The biggest problem you’ll have during Summer is likely going to be staffing and how few hours there are in the day. Regardless of this, you should be sure to keep some marketing working  (but just the minimum), there’s still opportunities to be had later in the season or moving into fall and if you’re not doing marketing during summer you will feel the drop off more than you want to come the fall season.

As the weather cools off in Fall so does lead flow. Although there is plenty of time for interaction with clients as you wrap up projects. For this reason, fall is a great time to use those new install photos and customer reviews to your advantage. It’s also a great time to follow up on those clients who have been undecided or, needed some time to complete other renovations and landscaping before installing a pool. 

Winter is your time to relax and reengage. This could be a good time to dedicate more time to content and SEO for your website to put it in a good spot before Spring comes around again. Other worthwhile tasks are re-engaging old leads that didn’t convert but still left the door open.

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5. Direct Mail Done Right

Direct mail remains a powerful marketing tool when executed correctly. Eye-catching postcard designs, timely mailings, and tracking codes to measure response rates are essential components of a successful direct mail campaign. Studies show that direct mail can have a high response rate compared to other channels like TV or Radio.

6. Leverage Your Website Content

Use your website content created from your blog and other SEO operations in your social media. You’ve gone to the effort of creating content and images to make sure you appease Google and can bring that traffic in. But repurposing that content into social posts and ads can be a great way to re-engage website visitors and bring in new leads from people doing their research.

7. Utilize EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) allows you to reach every home in targeted ZIP codes, making it a cost-effective way to spread your message. The USPS offers discounts for EDDM, making it an affordable option. Professional designs and strategic targeting can maximize your reach.

8. Use Bulk Mail Services for Discounted Rates

Bulk mail services provide significant savings on postage costs and allow for larger-scale campaigns. This approach can expand your reach and integrate with your digital marketing efforts for a comprehensive strategy. 


Convert More Traffic Into Leads

 9. Get Testing On Your Website

Building an attractive pool website for your business is just the start. While it’s true that customers are likely to engage more with a well-designed, mobile-friendly website that doesn’t mean that they will convert from lookers to bookers. Checking your analytics for how many website visitors convert into emails or calls will let you benchmark your conversion rate. From there you can install a free tool like Hotjar to track visitors on your site and see what they’re clicking, reading and how they are interacting with your site. You can then use Hotjar and its data to help you make changes to your site and review how visitors respond. Keep making small changes and testing the response until you get a better traffic-to-conversion rate.  

10. Optimize Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms should be simple, asking only for essential information to reduce friction and increase completion rates. Studies indicate that shorter forms result in higher submission rates due to decreased user effort.

The difference between a short and long form for lead capture visualized.
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11. Online Follow-Up Ads for Consistency

Consistent messaging across Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads reinforces your brand and increases recognition. Use remarketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google to follow those nonconverting customers around and offer them new information, and deals or updates on your business. Sometimes converting more customers can be as simple as staying top-of-mind.

12. Establish Design Dominance

To become the go-to pool service provider in your area, it is crucial to invest in strong, recognizable branding. Most companies go with a professional logo and consistent branding which can significantly enhance your business’s credibility and visibility. But you shouldn’t overlook using design to stand out. While evidence shows that companies with a cohesive brand identity are more likely to be remembered by potential customers. Pool builders can create websites that stand out by doing something different like changing up design or color (hint: steer away from blue and white it will put you ahead of 88% of pool builders).

13. Harness the Power of Reviews

Positive reviews are a powerful tool for building trust and attracting new customers. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews and responding to all feedback can enhance your online reputation. Statistics indicate that businesses with positive reviews experience higher trust and more conversions.

14. Keep Online Listings Current

Maintaining accurate and consistent information across all online platforms is crucial for customer trust and search engine optimization. Regular updates and engagement on review sites like Google Maps and Yelp can boost your visibility. Research shows that consistent online listings lead to better local search rankings.