SEM Case Study: Distru 2021

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631% Increase in Leads YoY for Distru's B2B Cannabis Software



Increase in Organic Traffic (30,000 more users YoY)


Demo Requests YoY


In annual revenue 


Distru provides a streamlined seed to sale system to Cannabis distrubutors and manufacturers. Their software, with key 3rd party integrations into Leaflink and Metrc save customers thousands of dollars each year. Yet, despite how good their software was, they had very little traction online in late 2020.


Distru had started its online journey with a website and 4 blog posts but, wanted to compete with established Cannabis ERPs in search.
To compete with established players we had to ask ourselves;
how can we find high-impact, keywords that will deliver? To establish a presence with the right audience that would convert.

The Solution

The solution for Distru came in the form of a 3rd party; Metrc. The highly regulated cannabis industry has lead state governments to use 3rd party software like Metrc as their compliance reporting solution.
Forcing manufacturers and distributors to regularly report on all cannabis related raw materials and finished goods (blunts, flower etc).
That means using Metrcs own slow, cumbersome interface. Frustrating and slowing down even a simple order process. For many, Metrc can take upwards of 15 minutes to process one order!  
Early, Distru recognised this as an opportunity. Beacuse Distru predominantly operates in states where Metrc is present. By integrating Distru with Metrc reporting they made compliance fast, simple and seamless. Creating a business and SEO advantage. 
While, Distru was savy to the business advantages it wasn’t until after a market evaluation that we discovered a hidden SEO advantage.
“Piggybacking” on the Metrc name and (forced) popularity by targeting Metrc related keywords. By creating simple, helpful content we have captured new and upcoming Metrc users and introduced them to Distru.
After seeing this our team and Distru leaned into this with Metrc webinars and state landing pages. Followed up with a local Google Ads campaigns.


While it took time to build out the content and state-based landing pages we saw success almost immediately as we did it. 

As state governments enforce or announce they will be taking on Metrc, Distru is consistently well placed to gain relevant traffic from frantic customers looking to understand and adopt an easy transition to the Metrc system. 

To date, our early SEO efforts coupled with Google Adwords has lead to a huge increase in both MQLs and SQLs in 2021. 

  • A 680% increase in total website conversions (MQLs and SQLs).
  • 538% increase in SQLs alone 
  • 70% increase in organic traffic to the site