SEO Case Study: NuggMD 2020

+1 Million Visitors in 6 Months from One Blog Post


First 6 Months Results


In organic visits from the top-ranking blog post.


Increase in traffic to the site over a 6 months.

1 Million

New visitors to the site
over 6 months.

2020-2021 Results


Organic SEO conversions per month.


Increase in completed checkouts per month.


More customers per month compared to their first month with us.


NuggMD is a telemedicine services that connects people in need of a medical marijuana licence to licenced doctors who are able to diagnose and grant an MMJ card based online.

After identifying the need to increase their search traffic to stay competitive and increase their bottom line.


Working with the NuggMD content team the challenge was to identify what needed to be done to improve their current organic traffic and expand their customer base.

NuggMD had tried implementing a blogging strategy in the past through an agency but had not had any success doing so. The agency had “produced a lot of content but no results” (their words).

Taking this on board and realising that we needed to continue to expand their landing page content we also set about a blogging strategy for long-term traffic and brand recognition.

The Solution

After some deep digging into the competition, it was clear that NuggMD had been on the right track by trying a blogging strategy. Although the cannabis market is still quite new in comparison to other more established businesses there is a lot of interest in the space and few competitors who are really providing valuable information to consumers.

NuggMDs competitors were gaining huge amounts of traffic and revenue by leaning on well-written blog posts or content features that had hit the mark with Google. Despite our findings, NuggMD was hesitant due to their past experience with an agency.

We settled on a test; 5 of their existing blog posts would be assessed, re-written and  SEO optimised by us.

We chose the blog posts based on three criteria;

  • Their overall potential to bring traffic,
  • The links needed to be competitive for the relevant keywords and
  • Our confidence in the result being achievable within a timely manner (3 months).


After analysing and re-optimising only the top 5 blog posts the results were incredibly incredibly positive. They shot up in Google rankings for competitive keywords like “How to Pass a Drug Test”.

The top post alone leads to an extra 100,000 visits per month to the NuggMD site. 

The top 5 blogs combined increased NuggMDs traffic by more than 1 million visits over 6 months.

We continued to re-use and re-iterate the strategy while building out new blog topics and landing pages. Traffic from the Jul-Dec period (when we implemented the strategy) increased over the Jan-Jun period by 200% leading to more than 1M extra visits in a 6 month period.

Over the following 2021 period we continued to work with NuggMD and achieved; 

  • Organic SEO conversions by 9536 per month. Taking organic conversions monthly from high triple digits to almost 5 digits on a monthly basis 
  • 87% increase in completed checkouts per month increasing. 
  • 195% more customers per month from organic SEO traffic.