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What To Expect On The Call

SEO Health

A high level assessment of your website and its SEO needs.

SEO Campaign Scope

The exact tactics you need to focus on today to improve.

Problem Areas

Whats holding you back from growing with Google search

Deliverables Needed

Mapping our services to your needs and how to get the most out of it.

Growth Opps

What to attack on your site to unlock the next stage of search.

Expected Results

A realistic scope of how long it will take to meet your goals.

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1x Rank Tracker

To reference any time.

A free auto-updating rank tracker report that uses your data. It’s yours to own and reference at any time. 

2x Blog Posts

Up to 1,000 words each.

We’ll write 2x keyword targeted blog posts with up to 1000 words each. Complete with page titles, meta descriptions and a round of editing based on your feedback. The content is yours to keep.

3x Backlinks

We'll get you 3 backlinks.

Backlinks are one of the single biggest ranking factors for SEO. We’ll target, outreach and, deliver to you 3 white-hat, relevant backlinks.



Frequently Asked Questions

Our forecasting and prioritisation formulas in house allow us to make confident results forecasts from our services. However, nothing is guranteed and every project works better when both our team and yours work together.

We have an initial 3-month lock-in period. After this period our contract works on a rolling monthly basis.

We take monthly payments to our Wise account allowing us to accept payment in any currency. We invoice on the 1st of the month on net 14-day terms. 

Our marketing costs start at USD $2,000 per month. 

To get the best results for your spend comes from to integrating us into your team as much as possible.

Opening up on strategy, your customer, how you sell, regular sales feedback, even letting us listen in as you interview customers. The more we know how you solve your customers problems the more effective we can be for you.

We’re not just an agency but part of your marketing team.