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We scale B2B SaaS Companies with Search Engine Marketing


What We Do

Engine Optimisation

Capture attention in search through the entire buyer journey

Connecting SEO with metrics that matter for SaaS businesses like CAC, ROI, and LTV. 


Educate, entertain and convert customers.

Keyword researched, customer driven content that moves the needle. We create assets that deliver results not just meaningless posts for SEO. 


Be there at the bottom of the funnel.

Ads that drive pipeline, revenue and ROI across Google, Youtube and Display.


Case Studies

The Publish & Pray Model Is Dead 💀

Plan, predict and track profitable content marketing campaigns for your SaaS with our Content Revenue Template. There’s no need to write content in the dark hoping it will lead to paying users. You already have all the data you need, you’re just missing the framework. We’ve packaged it up for you here. 


Who We Are

We are your search success team.

We are Singularity.

Patrick // Director
Chris // Senior SEO
James // Senior Dev
Shelby // Writer
Matheus // Outreach Specialist
Paul // Writer
Jeff // Writer
William // SEO
Noble // Junior Dev
Andrew // Writer

Our Clients