SEO Case Study: Ecommerce Guider

From $0 to 4-figure affiliate revenue monthly.


Ecommerce Guider is a blog that helps budding entrepreneurs looking to start a business to; research, set up and, begin making money using Amazon’s FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) program.

The site presents informative articles, podcasts and email training sequences free to the public. The company makes its money through well-placed affiliate links for tools that aid its readers in achieving their goals. All the information on the site was free at the time (things may have changed).


Ecommerce Guider was a new site when they first came to us. As all new websites do, it suffered from a severe lack of traffic from Google. That hindered their ability to help others, and generate any meaningful sum of money.

Looking to make waves but not sure where to start Ecommerce Guider approached us about helping them to generate traffic without spending money on advertising like Google or Facebook Ads. The goal was complete organic growth leveraging the resources that they had at the time.


Considering the lack of budget and their goals we prescribed a full SEO audit to get the new website in line with Google’s best practices and, a structured content plan and outreach strategy.

Our SEO audit set the benchmark for performance against competitors. Outlining content types, technical issues like broken pages or internal links and un-optimised content.

We paired this with a strategic keyword strategy that targeted mid-volume keywords that had little competition but more than a few 100 searches per month.

From the keyword research and benchmarking we constructed an ongoing content plan detailing what posts should be written each month and what format they should follow


Armed with a newly SEO optimised website, a 6 month SEO focused content schedule and, SEO template for articles Ecommerce guider set out executing.

In the 6 months after our consultation, the website had already begun booming. The site was receiving traffic from its new Google rankings

At the 6 month mark EcommerceGuider had :

  • Gained an 800% increase in organic traffic.
  • A 200% increase in subscribers.
  • 74 new links from authoritative domains.

This passive income site now brings in a tidy 4-figure sum monthly with minimal running costs. A great testament to the power of an SEO plan and on-point execution!



Increase in Traffic over
6 months


Increase in new email
and course subscribers


New authoritative
linking domains