The State of Singularity in 2023

Table of Contents

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023. Just a few weeks in and it already appears to be shaping up as the the year of AI with recent releases like ChatGPT from the team at OpenAI and the explosion in popularity of Midjourney creating AI art for hundreds of thousands of people. 

It feels like a good year for approaching the Singularity and a good time to update you, our clients, partners, friends and fans on where we are headed as an agency. 

Without further ado here is the stat of singularity and where we are headed in 2023…

Free Upgrades

Starting off with the juciest parts of our 2023 updates the Freebies! As we grow we always want to be bringing to you more value than you got last year. In that light, we’ve decided to include the following to all current clients absolutely free. Any new clients may or may not be subject to extra charges as things evolve but, for 2023 all the following is yours for free as a current client. 

Pre-written Social Media Posts

All content we produce for you will now come with 1 social media post for LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.
If you’d like one for all 3 let us know and we can design a package for you. But, we think that giving you a ready to share social media post will mean you can instantly distribute your content through your personal or businesses social channels drastically increasing the chances of bringing in traffic and visitors. 

Content Onboarding and Roadmapping

We’re an SEO company, not a content house or publication. That means that content for us is important but for different reasons than it is for others. Previously our content has been focused on SEO results and gaining “rankings” because rankings lead to traffic, traffic leads to conversions and that leads to sales.

That’s great but its time to expand. We will be booking a meeting with you and any relevant team members now to re-visit and re-discuss your audience, buyer personas and messaging in greater detail than ever before.

We believe your content should not just rank and convert from volume but should cut through the noise in your market. This takes time and more planning than ever before. We believe it’s worth it.

The long term effect of this means a stronger brand, sticky messaging and better conversion rates when that content does rank.

In future we will be selling this content roadmapping and onboarding process but, all this will currently be included for all clients as part of our move to service you better.

Workbook App

Many of you use and keep track of our work using your Google Sheet titled “Client Workbook” in this we keep you up to date with everything we have planned, done and are currently working on for content, links, technical SEO etc.

Moving into the new year we realise that there may be a better way to keep you updated – Through an app. Thanks to some ingenious no-code solutions on the market now we will be working towards moving our client worksheets into a custom app that you and anyone in your company can access.

We believe the app can automate much of the routine communication. Things we plan for the app to do;

    1. Provide to you a central place to keep track of your SEO project -as the sheet does now. 
    2. Provide a place for you to request tasks from our team in one spot. Eliminating threaded slack messages or buried emails. 
    3. Update you on task changes in real-time. When we finish a content piece you can get a push notification to your phone through the app. When we deliver a report or presentation you can get emailed the presentation and link immediately with automatic access.
    4. Review your results since the start of your campaign and the start of each calendar year in one place.  

New Products and Services

This year we want to expand our list of services to better help you achieve your goals. As SaaS companies generally have unique stories, data and viewpoints to leverage its a shame if we didn’t help you do that in new and inventive ways.

A SaaS specific SEO app

that allows you to measure not just your “SEO Competitors” but your actual business and market competitors in search. You’re not competing for dollars against The New York Times or Wikipedia even if they do rank for some of the same keywords. What you need to know is how well has your actual competition covered the market. Our tool will tell you that and more.

PR as a service

We’re an SEO agency fortunate to work with clients like you looking to change and shake up your niche through software. This allows for interesting stories around change and data. These stories should be told. As we develop our PR chops over the next 12 months we will be partnering with PR agencies to write, issue and publish enticing press releases that can gain you brand recognition, cut through in your market and valuable backlinks (a cornerstone for SEO).  We’ll keep you update on when we release this as a stand alone service.

A podcast (or two) and podcast service

Over the next year we will be working with selected partners to establish, run and promote multiple podcasts for the SaaS space. The podcasts will differ in tone and subject matter but provide a great launchpad for you to start your own podcasting journey, get your name and company into the market and tell your brand story.

As we develop we will be providing this as a service to you also, should you be interested. We are still outlining our offering but, we envision it including; planning, editing and assisting in the recording of all your podcast guests as well as distribution and promotion. Leaving just the fun part for you – the podcasting. We do the rest 🙂 

We expect this to be launched somewhere into Q3 as its a complex offering and we want to provide you the best experience possible.


We don’t do it…yet. You’ve asked, you’ve requested it and we’ve listened. Over the next 6 months we will be bringing design talent inhouse and make it available to you.  That means design for; blog images, landing pages, google ads, presentations and more.

We currently do not have any plans to launch website development services but, we do plan to have design talent available to redesign and face-lift your website.

Not on the roadmap (yet)

Social media management

While we WILL be writing posts for you to share with every content piece we deliver we will not be moving into social media management, posting etc.

Why? Because it’s just not our area of expertise and we think its still too far away from our current processes and passion. We believe staying tightly focused on things that are related to and have a flow on effect for SEO are where our focus should lie.

Website Development

We do SEO and we’re bringing in design but we won’t be building any websites personally for the foreseeable future.
As much as we love our clients and love a challenge, again, this is just too far away from where we believe we are. There is an ever growing number of website platforms and ways to deploy and launch a site and we just can’t keep up with them all.

Outside of that, we’re just not developers. Besides, 99% of our clients are SaaS we’re sure you’ve got most of this covered without us anyway, right? 😉

Video marketing

We don’t create, film or edit videos right now and have no plans to start. We’re more than happy to work with you and 3rd parties to help create awesome videos for your business though!

That’s a wrap. I hope that this is as exciting for you as it is for us internally. We’re itching to get you all of the above as soon as possible and if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions  please reach out to someone on our team.