Outreach Specialist (Status: Open)

We are looking for an Outreach Specialist Consultant working full-time to join our growing team of SaaS SEOs and marketers. 

This person will be responsible for developing a pipeline of prospects, link negotiations, and website analysis from prospects. You’ll be provided with initial training to get started in this role but its important to note we are looking for someone who is comfortable owning this role and building it out. You will receive all the support you need to excel in this role. 

  • Find guest post opportunities
  • Analyze clients’ industries and key competitors
  • Determine viable link building strategies
  • Build strong prospect lists for outreach campaigns, filter out weak opportunities and make sense of the reasons prospects would be interested in partnering with us
  • Craft compelling email pitches that grab people’s attention
  • Communicate with other members of our team, and collaborate on ideas
  • Meet monthly outreach targets
  • Maintain existing guest post relationships
  • Work together with our writers or clients staff to develop optimised content 
  • Work with our internal prospecting team to find great candidates for outreach and collaboration opportunities
  • Support and give feedback to your peers
Your Experience
  • You have run a successful linkbuilding campaign(s) in the last 12 months and can prove it with examples 
  • You understand various link building strategies and can explain when they should be used and why
  • You can demonstrate how to find, research and eliminate a bad vs a good website to approach
  • You have the ability to tell stories and combine a narrative for clients and for prospects
  • You have managed multiple projects simultaneously with success
  • You can think of new angles and ways to attain links for clients and aren’t afraid to pitch those ideas to the team
  • Experience working with a remote team
  • Experience using tools like Buzzstream, Ahrefs/SemRush and Hunterio
Who we are

We are a small team of people spread out across 5 countries (and counting) Our clients are SaaS businesses and our obsession is creating hockey-stick growth for them in search. 

For us, that means being creative, thinking like part of their team and always seeking and increasing leverage points to gain better results.

Our core values
  • We are advocates for client success  – We are not yes men, we are experts. Experts have opinions and are expected to share them openly and honestly with each other and with clients.  
  • Extreme Ownership – we practice extreme ownership. Leaders take responsibility for themselves and for the teams results. At Singularity, everyone is a leader and everyone takes responsibility for themselves and for the team. No one person is bigger than the whole. 
  • Ask Questions – We don’t stay silent here, we ask questions of our clients, of each other and, of our industry. Better questions lead to better results for everyone. 
  • Be A Person – We are people not robots. Its ok to be who you are at work. Its ok to joke and have fun and we encourage everyone to develop friendly professional relationships with clients and each other. “Being Professional” doesn’t mean being made of stone.
How We Work
  • We set our own hours
  • We communicate internally and externally to clients through Slack and Video
  • We have weekly all-hands meetings to keep each other accountable
  • We make ourselves available to each other when needed.
  • We use tools like: ahrefs, semrush, screaming frog, buzzstream
What we don’t do
    • We don’t micromanage so being confident in asking questions and being a self-starter is vital.
    • We don’t clock-watch. You set your hours but, if you say youre going to do something or be somewhere, we expect you stick to your word.
    • We don’t deliver half-done work
    • We don’t point blame if things go wrong.
    • We don’t wait for things to go right, we make it happen.
What we offer
  • Freedom to work from anywhere
  • 10 days off over Christmas (Dec 24th  to Jan 3rd  – minimum) 
  • Birthdays off
  • $10 p/h USD base
  • Access to multiple online trainings 
  • Option for full-time work in the next 3 months.
You should NOT apply if;
  • You have less than 2 years in experience
  • You have not worked for an agency or SaaS company before
  • You are looking for a slower paced environment
  • You are not fluent in English 
  • You like to be told what to do and have a set schedule. In SaaS marketing things can change fast and sometimes a routine isn’t possible. 
  • You dont like to learn new things or read  and learn for professional or personal development. 
  • You are not comfortable working as a consultant