Case Study: MFP Easy

$3 Million Revenue Growth From Search In One Year


+ $3 Million

In closed won business driven directly from Search Marketing and Advertsing YoY

+577 Leads

Driven through the website attributed directly to SEO and Ads.

+10 Weeks

Added to their install schedule. Bringing job security through the Winter months.



My Fibreglass Pool Easy is a pool builder based in Brisbane, QLD Australia. Selling fibreglass pools to Brisbane and the surrounding areas they have been in business for many years but hadn’t grown a solid online pipeline for their business. When many competitors were booked for pool installations months in advance MFP was only booked weeks in advance. They were our first foray into SEO for pool builders and installers and they weren’t without some hesitancy.

The MFP Team We ♥


Previous investments in SEO had set up a mammoth site that had lost its way. While content existed it was old, unoptimised and mostly less than 500 words. Landing pages for the site were cluttered and didn’t showcase their pools or their expertise well. A confusing mix of calls to action, text and extra effects made it hard to navigate and focus for the user.


The pool installation industry in Brisbane QLD has some very large gaps. The top end is dominated by large national brands that everyone has heard of and the bottom is dominated by most contractors or companies with a website but, there was ample room in the middle for a well designed, SEO optimised sites to succeed. What sets people apart is design, intent and consistency. 


To bring MFP up to scratch we worked on 3 things; 

  1. Simplify website design to improve conversion rate.

    We did this by re-designing the website and giving it a facelift. The previous site was very busy, and cluttered. We opted for a simpler design that puts the pools themselves as front and center as possible. The design also did away wtih many complicated popup forms and pages that were not serving to improve the customer experience. 

  2. Improve the rate of qualified traffic coming to the site.

    We used Fast and Slow thinking here. To immediatley improve leadflow our team set up a google ads campaign targeting the 3 main service areas for MFP (Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast). We dialled in on keywords that were bottom-of-the-funnel and high intent for people to buy. 

  3. Fix outdated SEO practices and thin content.

    The SEO on the site left a lot to be desired. Although MFP had been paying to have someone help them with website maintenance and SEO their skillset was primarily in development and not SEO. Thankfully, the SEO fundamentals they applied had established a good base to work from. We came in and rewrote landing pages and key blogs which improved their position in Google for key terms like “Fibreglass Pool Prices” or “Fibreglass Pool Brisbane”. 


MFP Before screenshot of their website.
Before A Redesign
After A Facelift
fibreglass pools builder MFPs new website
Dec 2023 Redesign


MFPs leads grew siginificantly. Between 2022 and 2021 inbound leads generated from online marketing activites doubled keeping the sales team busy. Singularity accounted for the largest percentage of sold leads also increasing revenue generated from inbound by $3 Million in 2022 over 2021.